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Heroes Sports offers several ways to get service members and veterans out of the house and interacting in the community.  We participate in parades to honor the service members who participate and make the community aware of their service.  Heroes Sports also provides concert tickets to provide an outing for veterans through music and entertainment.  We are also grateful for partnerships with professional sports teams, which allow our veterans to attend sporting events, sometimes with their family, to support the veteran household.

Heroes Sports family photo

Heroes Sports is a great organization to be apart of. Coming to Texas I had no friends or family here, just myself and my love for baseball. I was depressed and miserable because of where I was. Since being a member, I have found a brother and sisterhood that can relate to some of the obstacles I’ve been through and this group has helped me overcome it when we are together. It is like a family and that’s is what I needed until I can move on with my career. These men and women are awesome and humble. I am thankful to be apart of this group!


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