To most of us who have worn a uniform, the US Flag holds a special place to us. We have protected the ideals for which it stands, with our very lives. We all want to live to ripe old ages, but if we cant, it covers our coffin; the coffin of our brothers and sisters whom we lived beside, ate beside, fought beside. We're proud of our flag and we endeavor to teach our children the same respect and honor for the flag we hold for it ourselves. It hurts to see something happen to it; burned, stolen, desecrated. Whether it happens to our own or to someone else. It frustrates and angers us that someone would show such disrespect to the flag that some have fought for, bled for, and died for.

USA Flag
William Barclay Award

To that end, we want to do something about it. Our goal is to replace each flag burned or otherwise destroyed with two new ones. Flags flown in combat operations and in support of combat operations by active duty and US contractors deployed all over the world.

Those deployed who want to help, buy US Flags and get them flown or taken outside the wire. Print up a certificate indicating who, what, when, and where; same as always, just leave off the to. Mail it to us, we'll personalize them.

Those at home, send a flag in your care package, donate to Heroes Sports, or contact us if you know of someone needing a new flag.