Bernadette Langford

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I have been a member and supporter of Heroes Sports since last July. I officially joined sometime later in the Fall. With the organization I felt like I had a place to belong to, with like-minded vets and a family outside of my own. Being with Heroes I found an outlet, a group I can just be myself with and connect. With time I was able to develop new friendships and increase the size of my veteran family. It grew to a point where we get together for meals, babysit each other’s kids and accept one another despite the internal conflicts or daily stress we each are going through. I feel like I have a “pack” to belong to, just as wolves within a wolfpack. In saying that, I feel like family is very important to me. Relationships in general are important to me. My (Heroes) family isn’t perfect, but in it I found we each can teach each other, learn from each other and sometimes just being there goes a long way.

This month marks 7 months of being a part of the Heroes’ family, I truly hope to see it grow and be successful. I hope as we develop and receive members that they each find a safe haven and pack that they can be a part of and not ever feel alone or misunderstood. I hope at some point that I can be a blessing to the organization towards the mission of the organization’s goal. This is my testimony with Heroes Sports.

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